About Keratin Hair Serum And Keratin Shampoo: What Do You Know?

January 14,2022

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Now, keratin treatment is a popular way to smooth and add luster to hair. We have known that it is beneficial to do keratin treatment. Actually, except for keratin treatment, there also is a variety of keratin washing kits.


This guide will introduce two types of keratin hair products: keratin hair serum and hair shampoo. Let’s see what functions of them together.


What Is Keratin?


Keratin is a kind of protein protein in the body, not only in hair, but also in skin and nails. It is made up of cells called keratinocytes and consists of amino acids. It is the precise amount of these amino acids that makes the substance hard, such as animal hooves, or soft, such as hair.


When keratinocytes form daughter cells, these cells quickly push the mother cell aside. As a result, the mother cells eventually died. This is the process of growing hairs. More specifically, the protein forms three layers: the outer stratum corneum, the middle cortex and the inner medulla. The outer stratum corneum is composed of overlapping scales. If the scales are damaged or raised too high, the cortex is easy to lose strength and shape.


Keratin is very strong. If the hair is fragile, it is usually damaged by environmental factors, friction or chemical factors. Over time, the number of hair will naturally decrease, so some manufacturers say it's a good idea to supplement hair with shampoo.


What Is Keratin Shampoo?


Keratin shampoo is a product added with ordinary protein. According to hair care product manufacturers, it will make the cortex stronger. It will cover the stratum corneum and increase the protection of the cortex. As a result, the hair is smoother and not easy to curl and break.


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Effectiveness Of Keratin Shampoo


As a matter of fact, experts in the hair care industry are at odds with manufacturers in terms of the effectiveness of this kind of shampoo. Others believe that keratin shampoos take time to form in hair, this is the reason of why people don’t use the shampoos.


In order to bind well with hair, keratin must have the same form and order as hair. Therefore, people who buy shampoo must pay attention to the source of this protein. Wool is a common source and it is said to be similar to human hair.


The degree of hair damage and other ingredients in the shampoo will also affect the effect of the product. Some of these ingredients, such as sulfate, may cause further damage to hair or affect the binding degree of keratin to hair.


What Kind Of Hair Type Is Suitable For Keratin Shampoo?


Most types of hair can be improved by using keratin shampoo, especially for curly or dry hair. The added protein helps prevent the loss of water inside the hair. It also prevents excessive moisture from entering. People with curly hair are particularly prone to drying and curling because their hair cuticle overlap is very open and water can easily get in and out.


Straight hair that is very thin is usually difficult to break because their hair shaft does not have enough circumference or diameter to resist breaking. These people sometimes find that these types of shampoo can enhance the strength of hair, so it is not easy to break. The problem is that the fine hairs are easy to press down. The more protein a person adds to his hair, the heavier his hair will be. This will make it look flat and lifeless.


What Is Keratin Hair Serum?


Keratin hair serum is used to help improve hair health. Keratin helps to improve the elasticity of hair. This means that hair is stronger, more resistant to damage, and usually easier to take care of.


What Kind Of Hair Type Is Suitable For Keratin Hair Serum?


It also helps repair damaged hair and helps reduce hair breakage. For these reasons, this type of biocare hair serum,best serum brand for hair,best perfect hair serum is often used for people with particularly dry hair. It is also often used by people whose hair is damaged by chemical processes, such as perming and coloring, or repeated use of heated modeling tools, such as hair dryers.