Conditioner, Hair Mask And Pomade: What’s The Difference?

January 14,2022

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In daily life, people use a lot of hair care products to make hair smooth and shiny. However, there are many different types of products such as hair serum, hair mask, conditioner, pomade, hair wax, hair oil and etc. Actually, many people don’t know what are the differences among them.


For better hair care, this guide will introduce the differences of the three most commonly used products: conditioner, hair mask, and pomade.


What Is Conditioner?


Conditioner is a conditioning or moisturizing agent, which is usually composed of silicone, oils, emollients, and cationic surfactants (the scientific term of soap or detergent, which helps to wash away oily ingredients). These ingredients will replenish hair moisture after some of it is stripped. And this is also why it is usually used in combination with shampoos.


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Conditioner is a basic hair care product. So, how does conditioner protect hair? Usually, the hair looks smooth because the hair scales are closed and arranged neatly, but after washing, the hair scales will open, making hair easy to knot and not smooth. The existence of hair conditioner is to solve this problem, close the hair scales and avoid hair entanglement. Sulfate free keratin conditioner is a good choice.


What Is Hair Mask?


Hair mask, also known as nutritious oil or nutritional baking oil, is a product that can nourish hair. It is like a night cream or mask that we care in our daily skin care. It can provide deep maintenance to hair.


hair mask


The hair mask is rich in nutrients and water, which will enter the hair through the hair scales and penetrate into the medullary layer of the hair. To put it simply, they enter the interior directly through the surface to nourish. It can also help repair the fibrous tissue on the back of the hair root, rejuvenate the hair and make your hair more shiny and supple. For natural hair, the clay hair mask is the best


What Is Pomade?


Different from conditioner and hair mask, pomade is a hairstyling product but not a hair care product. It provides users a lasting hold and a healthy shine. Typically made with lanolin, beeswax and/or petroleum, pomade cleans up your luscious hair and locks and holds them in place all day long. There’s a variety of pomades out there formulated for different hair types and hairstyles. In look and feel, pomade is a bit like hair wax. Pink colored hair pomade is the best in JOYNNA


How To Use Conditioner, Pomade And Hair Mask?


Conditioner: after washing your hair, apply it directly to your hair. It is recommended to start from about 5cm away from the hair root to avoid contact with the scalp. It can be washed off in about 5 minutes.


Hair mask: after washing your hair, wipe with a towel to absorb excess water, then apply an appropriate amount of hair mask on your hair, wrap it with a hot towel or bath cap, stay for 15-20 minutes, and then wash it off with warm water.


Pomade: it usually comes in a stout tin or small, cylindrical tub, making it easy to scoop with your fingertips. Most pomade is best applied to clean, damp hair. You can still apply pomade to dry hair, but it will be harder to evenly distribute it. Simply scoop a dime-size amount of product out of the tin and rub it between your fingertips. Starting from the root, stroke your fingers through your damp hair in the direction you want it to stay.


How Often Should You Use Hair Mask And Conditioner?


For hair mask, it belongs to deep care, it is not recommended to use frequently. It is generally used once a week. Excessive use of it will lead to excessive nutrition in the hair, sticky scalp and excessive dandruff. While for conditioner, it is used together with shampoo. Thus, each time you wash your hair, the conditioner should be used to avoid hair entanglement. As for pomade, it is hairstyling product, thus, it is used according to everyone’s preference.


Can Hair Mask And Conditioner Be Used At The Same Time?


We should treat this dialectically. Scientifically, the correct order of use is shampoo, hair mask and conditioner. Normally, there is no conflict between the use of hair mask and conditioner. After using hair mask, it is better to use conditioner to consolidate the epidermis.


However, in practice, with the hair mask and conditioner used together, the hair will be oily quickly and it will lead to excess nutrition. People with neutral or oily hair are not suitable for combination of hair mask and conditioner. They don't need hair conditioner after using hair mask. But if your hair is very dry, or just finished ironing and dyeing, it belongs to the type of dry and irritable. It's totally fine to use the hair mask and then the conditioner. Therefore, whether you need to use hair conditioner afterbest hair mask for damage repair,the best hair repair mask,instant hair repair mask is based on personal hair quality.