How To Help Your Hair Recover From Dyeing And Bleaching?

January 14,2022

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The history of human hair dyeing is as long as human resist aging, and gray hair is one of the most important indicators of aging. In order to dye hair to hind the truth of aging, the ancient people also tried their best:


Germanic people in ancient Europe dyed their white hair black with a mixture of suet and plant gray juice;


The Romans boiled walnut shells and green garlic to make hair blackening agent;


Chinese boiled soybeans with vinegar to dye their hair. In the Compendium of Materia Medica in Ming Dynasty(1368-1644AD), medical scientist Li Shizhen recorded more than 20 kinds of drugs that can be used to dye hair, such as raspberry, Langyecao, basil and so on.


A British chemist, William Henry Perkin invented aniline violet in 1863. Then this chemicals has been improved into p-phenylenediamine, which became the main dye of hair dye that continues to this day. But it was used as an industrial dye at that time, people began to use it to dye their hair after twenty years.


It is no doubt that both hair dyeing and hair bleaching can hurt our scalp and hair more or less. But both of them are inevitable ways to treat ourselves and to make us look younger. Hair serum will be required to rebuild your hair health condition.


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The functions of hair serum  


Plant extract oil can not only improve the condition of skin, but also have a good effect on hair and scalp. Essential oil designed for hair also come with the fast growing cosmetics market, known as hair serum. Hair serum can inhibit hair loss and promote hair growth by regulating sebum.


For example, ginger is conducive to hair growth; rosemary is conducive to hair loss prevention, tea tree is conducive to oil control and so on.


How to choose the best hair serum for yourself?


The first step is to learn the ingredients contained in different hair serums. Then you must know what the functions of different ingredients are. So we have listed the top eight common ingredients function as follow to help you choose the right one.


Hair serum with Eucalyptus Australia 


Aussie Eucalyptus is powerful to balance scalp PH and the scalp’s oil production, a perfect hair care product for hot summer. It can make your regenerate with vitality and elasticity with charming aroma which will make your hair more dynamic and charming.


Hair serum with sandalwood 


Sandalwood can not only soothe head nerves, but also promote cell regeneration, which has a remarkable effect on eliminating dandruff. Due to its unique aroma, it is not suitable for women. But it is usually the best choice for men.


Hair serum with eucalyptus rosemary 


Essential oil of eucalyptus alcohol rosemary can treat neuralgia, dandruff, dermatitis, eczema, etc., and can help hair grow and regulate sebum secretion.


Hair serum with grapefruit 


Grapefruit also performs well in scalp oil and moisture balance. Besides it can promote hair growth and prevent hair follicle inflammation. It is very suitable for scorching summer days.


Hair serum with lemon


Lemon essential oil can soothe head nerves, promote cell regeneration, and prevent hair loss. It is also friendly to people with oily hair.


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