How to Choose Hair Repair Products for Damaged Hair

January 14,2022

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Nowadays, whether it is for boys or girls, perming or dyeing hair has become a very common phenomenon. And subsequent hair damage is inevitable. Girls tend to buy a lot of hair care products to maintain their hair; for boys, using his girlfriend's shampoo is enough. In fact, this is a wrong approach.


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Why does have exclusive shampoos for men?


do you know? The sebum secretion of boys is more than 3 times stronger than that of girls! And men usually have short hair, so the cleaning effect of men's shampoo will be stronger, and the effect of oil control and dandruff will be better. Women's hair is longer, and the ends and roots of hair need more nutrients, and all women's shampoos are more nourishing.


Since the emphasis is different, how to choose men's shampoo?


Factors to consider when choosing shampoo para hombre


Mildness: The mildness of shampoo is mainly reflected in the PH value, and our hair is weakly alkaline, so when we wash our hair, we avoid using shampoo with strong acidity to wash our hair. Should be washed with a weak alkaline shampoo.


Foam amount: Different shampoos have different amounts of foam, which is also the key to judging whether the shampoo is good or bad, and a better shampoo usually has more foam. Before buying, you can refer to the buyer's show.


Detergency: Detergency is a major factor to consider. A good shampoo on our hair can open our hair cuticles, and after washing, it will automatically close, so as to achieve the effect of protecting the hair follicles. The active substance content often determines the quality of the shampoo.


Repairing power: Due to dyeing and perming, our hair will be damaged to varying degrees. And choosing the right shampoo can repair our hair to a certain extent. We recommend an all-in-one shampoo that not only washes but also treats your hair.


Based on the above, you're sure to be able to pick a shampoo that will please your boyfriend or dad, whether they dye or perm their hair. On the contrary, for girls, it is not enough.


How to choose shampoo for women---for permed hair?


For permed hair, Bond Building Shampoos are more popular.


Bond Building Shampoo for sale,premium Bond Building Shampoo,shampoo para hombre


What is Premium Bond Building Shampoo?


A bond-building treatment can reduce the oxidative stress inside the hair by protecting the strong bonds and restoring the broken bonds, forming a new bridge between the keratin proteins. This will strengthen the hair and help stop any further damage to the internal structure of the hair.


How does it work?


Bond-building is not just a marketing term. Still, the efficacy of bond-building products comes down to each product's ingredient makeup, so bond builders just need to be chosen carefully from user to user.


Because most at-home bond-repair products — which typically take the form of masks, shampoos, and conditioners — are made with patented ingredients and technologies. However, there is one type of ingredient that qualifies a product as a true bond builder. The common thread is that all technologies start with amino acids. Amino acids are "the building blocks of proteins”.


This basically means that they work similarly to keratin and other protein treatments — by strengthening hair with ingredients that naturally occur in hair strands — just on a much deeper level. Some ingredients can work on the hair's surface, the cuticle, and other ingredients like the amino acids used in Olaplex may work deeper, in the cortex.


The benefits of premium Bond Building Shampoo


  • Repairs color-damaged hair.


  • Helps maintain color tone and vibrancy.


  • Extends the life of your color between salon appointments.


  • Helps reduce breakage.


  • Returns dry, chemically damaged hair to soft, shiny and healthy hair.


  • Leaves hair feeling strong and smooth.


Hope that the above content can help you maintain and improve your hair quality. If you want to have premium Bonding Repair Agent,100ml hair Repair Agent,natural hair repair mask, please contact us at any time.