Knowledge Post: This is the Correct Way to Wash your Hair

January 14,2022

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Growing up, we don't know how many times we washed our hair, but that doesn't mean you know the right way to wash your hair. The wrong way to wash your hair not only damages your hair but also damages your health.


It is not difficult to have a healthy scalp and hair. Learning to use the correct shampoo method in daily life can effectively improve hair quality. Next, as a professional cibu repair shampoo supplier, I will tell you the tricks of washing your hair properly.




Wash your hair wet


Nowadays, dry cleaning is popular among young people, but this method is not suitable for the elderly. Because dry cleaning hair often uses chemical shampoo, the action of massaging the scalp when washing hair is easy to open the scalp capillaries and absorb the chemicals in the shampoo. Long-term accumulation is easy to cause cerebral infarction.


Therefore, it is best to wet your hair when washing your hair and use the nozzle to flush it and let the water flow down your hair. It is best not to put your hair completely into the washbasin to soak it.


Suitable water temperature


The temperature during shampooing is preferably 31-38°C. Too hot water will easily damage the hair, making it brittle and easy to break; if the water is too cold, the effect of removing oil stains will be poor and it will not be washed cleanly.


According to the shampoo sequence, after shampooing the hair, the next step is to rinse the hair. The temperature of the water should be appropriately lowered so that the scales of the scalp will be closed better. And the hair is also smoother.


The strength of the shampoo


The correct method is to apply only a small amount of herbalife shampoo to the hair. Do not scratch the scalp with your fingernails when shampooing. Use the pulp of your fingers to slide it on the head regularly. The force should be soft, especially for girls with long hair. Rubbing can damage the cuticle of the hair. Appropriate strength can promote blood circulation in the brain and promote the excretion of metabolic wastes from the body.


Moderate flushing


Apply the conditioner evenly on the hair and leave it for 2-3 minutes before rinsing. Maybe you don't know, the water temperature will affect the subsequent styling effect, so the water temperature of the last pass must be slightly lowered so that the hair feels soft. Because wet hair is very fragile, friction is easy to cause damage, so it should be washed thoroughly two times, so as not to leave sticky substances as much as possible for moderate rinsing.


Tips for drying hair


Don't wipe your hair with a wet towel, use a large, dry towel to absorb all the water on your hair, and then comb with a large-toothed comb. When combing, the movements should be gentle, because the blood circulation of the hair roots that have just been washed and massaged will speed up, the pores will also be opened, and the hair will be easily broken.


Shampoo frequency should not be too frequent


Washing your hair every day is not good for your hair. First of all, the frequent use of shampoo will damage the hair to a certain extent. Second, although the hair is clean, it also washes off some of the natural protective oils of the scalp. The hair and scalp lose their natural protective film, causing dry hair, yellowing, split ends, etc. Therefore, it is recommended that you wash it every other day.


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