Something you Don’t Know about Permanent Hair Dye

January 14,2022

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Coloring your hair can give you a whole new mood, but coloring is a daunting task. Luckily we can use long-lasting permanent hair dye to reduce multi-coloring.


If you don't want to spend more time and money investing in a hair salon, you can do it at home. If you want to try olive shades then there are nice dust-free blue lightener powders for sale here.


Remember, before you try any of these hair chemicals, select a few hairs to test that you don't have some skin allergies.


Long Lasting Permanent Hair Dye


How does permanent hair dye works?

Permanent hair dyes contain dye intermediates and couplers (or modifiers), which are collectively referred to as dye precursors; after these intermediates and couplers penetrate the cortex of the hair, oxidation, coupling, and condensation reactions occur (generally Under the action of an oxidizing agent, such as hydrogen peroxide), larger dye molecules are formed, which are trapped within the hair fibers.


The types and content ratios of dye intermediates and coupling agents are different, so they can bring different shades of hair dyes.


Small molecules of intermediates and coupling agents generate fuel macromolecules in the hair fiber, which do not easily pass through the pores of the hair fiber, so they are not easily washed away, and therefore have longevity.


When should dust free blue lightener powder not be used?

If you experience redness, burning, itching, etc. on your skin during the test, you should stop using it.


If the user's head and face are damaged, please wait until the wound is closed before dyeing the hair.


How can I be sure I can use blue lightener powder dye?

Hair hues can be affected by skin tones. So, it is important to know which kind of skin tone is suitable for dust free blue dye.


Cool skin tone tends to be more receptive to blue because no makeup is required.


Without any doubt, neutral skin tones have the most options. Such undertones can be tried in any shade of color. But, you need makeup to make you look better.


bleach hair  before Dust Free Blue Lightener Powder


How to use permanent hair dye more safely?

Wear disposable gloves and earmuffs before dyeing your hair, and wear a t-shirt that you don't need to use to prevent direct contact of the dye with your skin.


Apply some body lotion. Applying body lotion behind your ears, forehead, neck, etc. can add a protective barrier.


Not washing your hair the day before dyeing can reduce the chance of hair dye damaging your scalp.


The application time of the hair dye should be controlled within 20m, and the residence time should be less than 40 minutes.


Use lukewarm water to clean your hair, and after the color of the hair dye in the water has faded, use a conditioner to reduce the residue of the hair dye.


Final thoughts 

Knowing these and then using long-lasting permanent hair dyes can help you reduce unnecessary troubles and more importantly, they make your hair color healthier. If you want to try the dust-free blue dye, why not try it out now?