Three Usage Ways Of Hair Serum

January 13,2022

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Many people choose to use hair Polisher serum when their hair is rough, so that their hair looks shiny and feels smoother. So, how many ways to use Hair serum combo?


Hair Serum Combo,Hair Polisher Serum


Add hair serum to shampoo


You can add one or two drops of hair serum to shampoo before washing your hair. After rubbing foam on your palm, you can paste it on your hair and rub it for a few minutes as you usually wash your hair, and then rinse it off with clear water. After washing, you can blow it to seven or eight minutes with a hair dryer, and then wait for your hair dry naturally. In this way, the washed hair will not be particularly dry, and it can also avoid the residue of some redundant substances.


Smear it on your hair directly


We can also rub a few drops of hair serum on the palm of our hand after washing our hair and keeping them moist, then evenly apply it to the middle of our hair from the tip of our hair, gently rub it for a while, and then blow our hair until it is near to dry totally with a hair dryer. This can make our hair smoother when combing, and also avoid the hair serum from directly contacting the scalp.


Moisten your scalp


Another method is to rub a few drops of hair serum evenly on the palm of your hand and smear it on the end of your hair, then take a small amount of hair serum, rub it evenly on your scalp, cover your head with a towel, and massage your head with your hands through the towel to make it better absorbed by your scalp.


It should be noted that what we usually call "hair" is actually the dead part, and the real living part is the hair follicle hidden in the scalp. Therefore, the use of hair serum can only relieve the roughness of hair for a while, but it cannot fundamentally solve the problem.


Now we have learned how to use hair polisher serum. It is time to choose the right one for yourself. But there are some misunderstandings about hair serum which may mislead our choices.


Myth 1: People with oily hair are not suitable for hair serum


Some people will think that oily hair is easy to spill oil, and it will be easier to oily hair with hair serum. However, If the hair polisher serum is extracted from pure plants, it can be used very well even for people with oily hair. After using the hair serum, the hair will become smooth and shiny, but it will not be greasy.



Myth 2: Hair serum can't replace conditioner


In fact, hair serum combo can replace hair conditioner. Hair serum does not contain silicon, and it has more functions than conditioner. And hair serum can be directly applied to scalp, which has the effect of repairing damaged hair roots. Most conditioners contain silicon, which can make hair smooth and shiny, but long-term use can easily cause silicon residue and hinder the self-repair function of hair.


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